Race Photo Import - Instructions
1. Pop-ups and relocation must be allowed in your browser settings for https://saroardrunners.org.
2. Dropbox folder (with a / on the end ) is where photos are uploaded from.
3. Wait until you see 'select a race...' and then select a race, race date, and photo album.
4. You should normally ONLY upload to empty photo albums unless you have a plan.
5. After you click the 'Do It' button, a new Monitor page will open and THIS page will go mostly white - DO NOT CLOSE IT!
6. This program runs mostly on dropbox and amazon servers not on your computer. The monitor page is there to show you what is happening on the other servers.
   The other servers are busy and far away. After clicking a Load button on the Monitor page, DONT CLICK IT AGAIN FOR AT LEAST A MINUTE.
   It will often take up to a minute(s) for the distant servers to respond. It's best to just go away for 20 - 30 minutes then check the logfile for red lines.
7. When the process is done, the last line in the log file will be in green:
Program done! Upload of race photos done! Check stats above to see if any files didn't upload.
or in red showing an error.
8. If any non-PNG and non-JPG files or files >1MB are found in dropbox, they'll be listed in red near the top of the error log and skipped / not uploaded.
9. If a download from dropbox or upload to RSU fails 3x, the file is skipped. You can scroll thru the table to find what if anything was skipped and manually upload in the RSU race page if desired.
DropBox Folder:
(Must start and end with a /../ )
GoDaddy Folder:
Races in last year:
Race Date:
Photo Album: